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Milky Way Turquoise Graduated Necklace with
Copper-Sterling Beads, Swarovski Crystal & Sterling

This striking Necklace showcases Milky Way Turquoise from a mine in Northwest Nevada owned by the Nevada Turquoise Company. Predominantly Black in color, it is a hard Turquoise that takes a good polish, and exhibits an attractive matrix of Brown, Cream and Gray.  The Milky Way Rounds are graduated, ranging from 7 to 15mm in diameter.  The Turquoise is interspersed with Topaz-colored Swarovski Crystal Bicones, and highlighted by Five Copper & Sterling Beads handcrafted by Metalsmith Jim Daggett. The Handcrafted Beads are 16 to 20mm in diameter, with Sterling Silver overlaid on Copper. Each bead is meticulously crafted and no two are alike. This is a beautiful crossover piece that is perfect with jeans or dressy attire.  The Necklace is finished with Sterling Rounds and a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.  It is adorned with a Sterling Kokopelli, a Native American icon that symbolizes the American Southwest.  This piece weighs 92 grams and is 19-1/4 inches long. 

$299 (This Necklace has been SOLD)

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